Monday, July 17, 2006

Who's a smart cookie then?

So uhh... it was Sunday when I wrote that post. Thus I have not yet done my tax forms. *Stares hopelessly at them and cringes*

I already did them once this year to be honest (being the first financial year I paid tax and all, I haven't done one before, and was very proud when I looked at my certificate things employers send out, the Tax booklet I had to fill in, and did it all correctly! Then when I'm boasting to mum on the phone about how smart I am, she reminds me I got Centrelink pay as well.

I'd forgotten this, and wasn't aware that if I was working as well as getting paid, it was taxable income. (If you don't work, it generally falls into the tax-free threshold) Thus I have to re-do my forms. I really don't want to, but I want to see what I can get from it.

So while I'm procrastinating I'm busy admitting various embarassing things to Nathan via MSN. Fortuantely he loves me enough not to tease me. That boy can get anything out of me. (I honestly believe that he'll know if I get pregnant before Ryan does)

Anyways the net is being really slow (I think we've been capped), so I need to make it more slow by playing Neopets for a while... :D

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teh Nathmo said...

hehe... woot for embarising things... the me giving you some amunition in return tho... feel honoured!!! *shakes fist* :P

as for knowing you're preggers before ryan does... *remembers back to a certain time when you came over to my place*... I'll agree with that :P

heh... enjoy your last days of freedom babe.... remember to get many sleep-ins... and sleepy snuggles (chooses not to mention jealousy at you getting those things :P)