Sunday, July 16, 2006

Busy Week Ahead

I have a week before I start work, at the moment it's looking at little like this.

Sunday (tomorrow): Fill in Tax Return crap... more calculations and money issues.

Monday: Biala (my kinder group) for the last time. Coffee with Ryan (decided we need some 'us' time)

Tuesday: Harrass Sarina Russo for money for work clothes and transport to work. Singing Lesson with Daniel. Iris meeting, I am not an Admin or anything, but will be more or less stuck there. (After all it's happening at my place)

Wednesday: Shopping with Sarina Russo's money (I hope) need new shirts and hopefully a bra. Possibly show up to my lil bro's bail hearing if Mum can't get the day off work.

Thursday: Cruise South Melbourne and Parahan dropping flyers for a friend's show.

Friday: Nothing as yet. Probably wash clothes and panic, also further harrass Sarina Russo (they're my job network people) in case they haven't paid me anything yet.

That's my week so far. So much for relaxing before I start work!

I also want to up my singing lessons to once per week being as I am only going once per fortnight. But on the mere pittance I am going to be earning I will have a choice of singing lessons or gym membership.

I am definitely leaning towards the gym. Means I will improve my muscle tone, and toned Miranda = HOT Miranda. Also having a stronger back etc will mean that I can spend less time in the osteopath's office, because my spine will be supported better. Singing is great, but doesn't honestly have as many benefits for me.

I'm just rambling now... I need to promote my blog better. I need more readers!

So far... that's it. Erk. That's a lot.

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