Sunday, July 16, 2006

First Genuine Entry

Hooray! This is my first proper post in my blog. And as the name of my blog suggests, I am genuinely TUI. I have had 2 Bundys. However I should go slow, this is my last drink... by force... after this I am out.

This new blog coincides nicely with new job. Although I'm not going to get a new blog everytime I change jobs... I start next week as a receptionist thing, and I'm doing my Cert I & II in Business Admin, which is only like year 11 level, but if I ever wind up learning to be a child minder thing, I will at least have a foot in the TAFE door so to speak.

As I mentioned in my previous blog I was going to go and visit my younger brother in Juvie. Turns out it wasn't so bad. So not bad that I am probably going to go again tomorrow. If mum ever calls me to let me know what is going on that is.

My ankle hurts too. I'm not sure what I've done, but feels like a sprain. Is not puffy or bruised, just freaking sore. Must be the gorgeous knee-high boots with 4inch heels Nathan just bought me. I have been reluctant to part with them, and as a result, my ankles must be taking a lot of strain. Better switch back to my red Doc Martens, so that my ankles can be reinforced again.

By popular request... NATHAN HAS A CAR gorgeous lil 97 5 speed Lancer. The only problem I have is it's two door, which means I am permanently stuck behind the backseats with no real way to escape. I rarely get shotgun priveliges. I am not the girlfriend, nor am I likely to be taller than whoever else is in the car, which indicates a need for more legspace, so backseat it is for me. Mind you, I practically lived in the middle back of his old Magna. That was "my" seat, even if the rest of the backseat was empty, I would have that spot. May as well get used to it.

Anyways, nothing else of major note, my Bundy is almost gone and I'm tired.

Night All.


meg said...

Congrats on getting new job bebe. Am v happy for you!

And although I feel for your sore ankles, I WANT YOUR BOOTS!!!

Luv ya,
Jinger xo

Chikory said...

Hey, congratulations on the new job. I've got a job interview tomorrow for an admin position. It's a junior office person, so I've got to wonder if they realise my age, or if I just fit into the bracket they've assigned. Oh well, I guess I'll find out.

As for your bro... WTF? I didn't know he was in juive! What'd he do? Something cool I hope, and which brother is it? I would've clicked the link but it doesn't work :oP.


Miranda said...

wtf? The link worked last night! better fix it I guess.