Thursday, July 20, 2006

New Blog... New Me?

Apparently around the time I decided to start this new my life changed in a few different ways too. I guess it's symbolic in some weird way, but I didn't see everything happening when it did.

In the past week I've joined a gym, got a job, changed my preference for what I want to be doing with my life, and had a major personality change.

The personality thing is the most interesting. I've been generally more positive, enegetic and decisive, but far more short tempered with people about little things. Poor Fungus has had his head bitten off so many times recently, I'm surprised he bothers to speak to me at all. Mind you, he's not been a ray of sunshine either.

Other random things that now annoy me, people teasing me about little shit that I would usually not care about I've been taking offence much quicker than usual. And previous personality traits that I didn't notice. Mostly about responsibility and knowing when it is and is not yours. I don't really want to explode and tell them what I think either. I would probably be extremely unfair for one, and I'm fairly sure they couldn't deal with it anyway. I don't really want to be left with a blubbering mess that I created.

I guess I'm being hypocritical. It's not my responsibility, and its not in my control. If they want to do this I should let them. It's just hard hearing about it, and knowing that they could do better for themselves if they thought about things in the right priority.

Fark, I'm on on hell of a soapbox tonight! See what I mean about new me? I wouldn't rant like that previously... or would I? Well maybe not so clearly about who I'm on about. (Don't bring up the Nicole Rant either. She doesn't read this!)

I'm not sure about this whole "new me" that seems to be emerging. I mean I like the whole going to the gym thing, and the new job. But the hella evil bitchyness? Not so cool...

Edited 21/07/06 to remove evilness towards person in question.

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