Friday, July 21, 2006

More TUI

Well... I'm drinking again. The last post was pretty harsh. In fact I'm gonna private it if at all possible and/or edit it so that I'm not taking down someone in public. A blog is cool and made for venting and remembering things. But a public blog is not meant for abusing someone.

Today I had to go to work and sort out Traineeship things. Looks like I might be doing a Cert III instead, because Trev really wants someone who can do MYOB. They're in the process of switching to MYOB from QuickBooks (Accounting/Bookkeeping programs) and while they'll have someone show em what to do for a while, there's going to be a need for a MYOB pro... ie me. Fortunately I was good at Accounting in Yr 11. Passed with 91% on the final exam to be exact. Highest score over both classes :)

I also went to the gym again yesterday. Have worked out a nice little set of reps to do for my arms, back and stomach. Now all I need to do is find something for my ass and thighs and we're in the money. Well not the money so much as the incredibly short shorts.

I'm also going again tomorrow, with Nathan this time. I expect to get severely shown up. Nathan is pretty damned fit. But it does mean I get to sit in the front seat of Renae. Renae for the record is Nath's new car. He joked about calling it Renae, and I'm holding him to it. It's a good name, suits the style of car. Dark blue hatchback. Looks like a Renae... or is that Renee? We all know how fond he is of the Double-E spelling of Kaylee

Man I'm going on about practically nothing now. I'm sure there was something else I meant to talk about. Ah well. I'll add it in or something later.



Nath said...

oddly enough... i'd rather it spelt Renai... who knew? :P


-Nath said...

oddly enough... i'd rather it spelt Renai... who knew? :P


Miranda said...

You so can't do that... that's a brand of heater.