Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Cast & Crew

Trying to give you an idea of all the people you might read about.

Main Characters: (People I write about most)

Me (Miranda): Author and main character in the blog. 20yo, brunette with brown/green/hazel eyes. Live with Ryan & his family. Check my profile and about me post for all the details.

Fungus/Ryan: My beloved boyfriend of just over a year. Excellent musician and in THE MOST AWESOME BAND IN THE WORLD also into computer gaming and runs his own LAN with his friends.

Mordoc/Nathan: My gorgeous boy. Contrary to popular belief we are not, and have never been going out. This doesn’t mean we don’t love each other to bits though. First time I met him he filled my top with shaving cream… and I’m still friends with him after 2 years! All-round good guy this one, even though he teases me. He also runs the LAN

Mum & Dad: Fairly self explanatory really. Have been together for 22 years, but I cannot imagine why. Mum currently works full time and cannot sing to save her life. She is however so passionate about music I will forgive her. Dad is not working right now, but is looking to do something after being out of work because he was sick. We had a horrible relationship a few years ago. This is repairing itself. I can’t say I completely forgive him… but I don’t hate him anymore. Both somewhat psycho, but in a nice way.

Alastair/Alejandro: My older-younger brother. Awesome guy now that he’s grown up. Plays bass in THE MOST AWESOME BAND IN THE WORLD and has a very cool girlfriend Zoe.

Cam: My younger-younger brother. The delinquent. Is actually very bright, however chooses to put his intelligence to the wrong uses. When he grows up some I may tolerate him more. He has settled down slightly in the last little while, and we could wind up being almost normal again.

Random Friends (Still loved immensely... more or less)

Eurox/Jay: Fungus’s best mate and a close friend of mine. Love him to death, but we seem to get on each others’ nerves quite a bit. He also runs the LAN

Aday & Pseudonym/Laura: Two separate people, very much one being. Friends of ours who live entirely too far away (Maribyrnong) Aday also runs the LAN while Pseudonym and I watch. Aday’s real name is Adrian. I don’t think anyone other than the people signing his paycheck call him that. Both horrible computer geeks, in the nicest sense.

Sycostic/Jad/God: So named because he is tall and everyone looks up to him, the other LAN admin. Sweet guy, unfortunate habit for finding girls that are too young for him.

Jamie: Friend of mine I met at a party quite a while back now. Hugely into theatre and music. Do not see him nearly often enough despite living near by, but spend hours on MSN.

Nickers/Nicole: Self appointed best friend. By self appointed she calls herself my best friend. I’m not sure whether it was when she decided to start being a bitch, picking up creepy guys, or having casual sex with said creepy guys (and expecting me to either do the same or wait around while she did) that the feeling stopped being mutual. She is also Fungus’s ex girlfriend and despite claiming to respect our relationship is quite blatantly lying. She is also what Nathan would call a Mental Athlete

Ryans Family &People I Live With: (Not just the people in this house)

Julia: Fungus’s mum. Absolutely lovely lady. Puts up with Ryan and me not having jobs or paying rent.

Ronnie: Fungus’s step-dad. Quite frankly a bit weird, came over from Oklahoma to marry Julia last year, has 3 kids of his own in the USA.

Rachel: Ryan’s older-younger sister, moved out at the beginning of the year.

Kyla: Ryan’s middle-younger sister, talks incredibly fast.

Erin: Ryan’s youngest sister, has my old math teacher!

Dave: Ryan’s dad, does architectural designs on the computerand is totally awesome at it.

Sally: Ryan’s step mum. Very into music and even had Ryan judge a guitar competition at the school she teaches at.

Corrie: Ryan’s step-sis. Awesome chick, has her own house nearby. It’s a great place and I am v. envious of it.

Billi: Ryan’s step-sis. Loves sports and is doing year 12. I think she’s going to be a PE teacher. Owns a Vesper, or something similar at any rate.

My Extended Family (This isn't it, but I doubt I'll write about the others much)

Noni: My grandmother, a retired nurse. Totally awesome woman, my only living grandparent.

Ab & Pete: My aunt and uncle. Ab is Dad’s sister. Have 3 kids, and live with Noni.

Phee: 13yo, eldest cousin. We’re getting closer again now that she’s a skeptical teen, and I’m just skeptical. Is not into boys yet… thank goodness. Is right at that stage where everything is too big for her and she is ungainly. Once she grows into herself more she will be gorgeous.

Boo: 9 (I hope… please don’t let me say he’s 9 if he’s actually turning 10!) So named because peek-a-boo was his favourite game as a baby. Quiet little bloke, very thoughtful and logical in his actions. Prefers science to Judo classes.

Gus: 5yo hyperactive, hard to understand properly, and just full of life. Has a mop of carrot-red curly hair and these bright blue eyes that pop out of his face. Needs constant reminders that he doesn’t need to shout.

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prefers science to judo?!?! i'd have a go at him... but i could never decide between science and martial arts myself... alas... 2 of my many great loves...