Sunday, July 23, 2006

I Start Work Tomorrow...

That's right, in 10 hours I'll be rocking up for day one of a job I'll have for hopefully a very long time. No getting sick bullshit I hope.

The only problem with this is that I am extremely wired about the whole situation and can't sleep. (May also be the Creme Caramel dessert and the Cookies and Cream Icecream I had earlier)

Also tomorrow morning I need to shower and makeup and everything before I go to work. (Not that any other morning will be different) but I will have to share the bathroom with Kyla... actually she was great last time we had to get ready around each other... but I hate sharing the bathroom! Tomorrow night I will shower before bed, that way I'll only have hair and makeup. 20 mins tops.

Warm milk before bed is supposed to be good... wish I could say the same of warm Bundy. It's been out of the fridge all day and is no longer icy. (Wonder why, we've been running the heater all day) it's not helping as much as I would have hoped. and there's only one more so it's not like I can drink till I pass out. Not that that's a good idea either... hangover + first day of work = stupid.

I've had a couple of comments about my blog too. Ryan's other sister Erin said she liked the blog, but I should talk about her more... so HI ERIN! And Jamie was glad he got included in the friends I talk about a lot section. Oh... and Nathan's always at me to update. He likes reading about shit I've already told him about.

Had another huge go at Ryan today. Not sure what's going on here other than major moody crap on both ends. He's being miserable and taking it out on me, and I'm just generally being a total cow. I guess it's living in a shoebox with little money, and with his parents.

Anyways going to try and sleep now.... wish me luck!

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