Sunday, September 10, 2006

So much has happened...

and yet when anything huge happends, I rarely blog it. Though Nathan, the one how bitches he never gets to know what is going on because I don't blog has been hearing all of it as soon as it happens anyway... he's the main reason i spend time blogging sometimes.

I don't know where to begin... I am no longer angry at jay. i still don't think that he holds anything i say in much regard at all... but that is how he will always be. he actually called to talk to me about it the other night. niether one of us said sorry, but it seems to be cool now. And keeping things cool between us for the sake of his best mate and the love of my life (Fungus) is important.

Interesting... and Nicole could never try and be nice to him for my sake....

My beautiful dog Murphy had to be put down on Thursday. :( He'd been sick for a while, and it turns out he'd had bowel cancer. I am going to miss him immensely.

Nathan copped that first hand, came and got me from work when I found out. He's never seriously seen me cry before, and honestly I'm not sure he knew what to do with me, he seemed a bit uncomfortable. I think that's just a difference in our personal space thing, I am far more touchy-feely than he is, especially when upset.

It turns out one of dad's friends from school died earlier this year as well, though we didn't find out till recently. I only met George once, but he rocked, he was a really funny, nice guy, made his own Guinness stuff at home, and never took any shit from dad! It is very sad at the moment, with so many people (and animals) I liked dying. Good thing I am not an emo or I would believe they are dying to get away from me :P

I think I forgot to mention I am no longer jealous about everything that was happening with Nath. I am more or less happy for him... though still feel extremely protective, especially with everything being not hugely certain. It remains obvious however, that unless everyone loves him as much as I do, that they are completely crazy in my eyes.

Mum just rang, nothing huge to report... the choir concert yesterday went well. Ryan did the sound, and I videoed. We are going to make DVDs for the choir of the concert. It should be brilliant! :)

Otherwise I really think that's everything I can report here without causing major dramas... (why did I tell RL people about this...?:P)

Keep smilin people, I am!

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