Thursday, September 14, 2006

The bad side to blogging...

I love having a blog, it is so much easier for me to use than to have an actual diary to write in, I never remember to keep those. It's a good way for me to remember random little things that happen, and to keep people who I don't stay in touch with updated more often.

The bad side is that it is a public blog, and people I know in RL, Nath, Fungus and Jamie for example read it, which means I find that I am often censoring what I want to say. Partly because there is stuff one or all of my readers do not need/want to know about me, and partly because there is stuff about them that they may not want other people knowing. (Hence the whole being extremely vague about Nathan thing)

Gah... maybe I should just start a completely private blog. But I enjoy having readers, I like the occasional comments and feedback that I get from people. (BTW, feel free to share this blog with anyone you know who would enjoy even a specific post) But by the same token, the one thing I want to blog about... (hell shout from the rafters if could) would bring the world crashing down in so, so many ways, if any of the aforementioned readers got wind of it.

If only I could succesfully keep a diary...

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