Thursday, September 21, 2006

Disclaimer: Contains gyno talk...

close the window if the topic of Pap Smears grosses you out...

So Pap smears... what's the big deal? I just had my first one today... not at all uncomfortable. Not pleasant either, but it certainly didn't hurt. Kinda like unexciting sex with a guy who has a small dick actually :P "oh, there's something there... anyways... how bout that local sports team?" Seriously... a random bit of pressure, and some kinda odd sensation during the chylamidia smear - not a necessity and I am sure nothing will come of it but may as well make sure nothing is down there that shouldn't be - (must have been the really long cotton bud in... repeat *IN* my cervix... wasn't expecting that lol!)

I even wore pretty socks for the Dr! :)

But yeah... not at all the drama I've heard it can be. Didn't hurt, wasn't uncomfortable, literally, took like 2 minutes, if that. See what I mean about unexciting sex :P?

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Anonymous said...

WITH A RAKE... that is all..