Friday, September 15, 2006

Onto a topic I soooo shouldn't be thinking about...

Baby names. I'm not pregnant, nor do I intend to be any time soon (just renewed my pill perscription for another year) Tertia started it, and now it has me thinking. (Also I figure this will be better than some long boring angry rant anyway.)

I am a self-confessed baby name freak. I've been picking names since I can remember. Alison, Faye, Willow, Skye, Jordan, Justin, Clara.... all these names have come and gone on my list of "must name my future child" (I am still partial to Alison though, after my aunt) and now I have a whole list of new ones, a few of which I expect will stay on the list.

Right now I like:

Reina (female, Ray-na) It is Spanish for small queen. Ryan liked Rei (but as I will explain later it does not fit my "naming rules" It is also a nice way of naming my future daughter (I will, nay I MUST have at least one daughter) after her future father as Ryan means little prince. Assumign things go shit, and Ryan is not the father, Reina would leave the list as it is 'our' name.

Abigail which would most likely stay as a middle only. For my mum, Gail who would kill me if I christened a daughter Gail, as she hates that name. Would be shortened to Abby if it was given as a first.

Natalie for Nathan. Nuff said. (If i get an abundance of Y chromosomes Nathan would become a middle.... another 'naming' rule)

Kaylie (Like Haylie with a 'K') spelt this way purely to annoy Nath, also I think it is pretty. However unless for some bizarre reason Nath was the father I would not use that name it is 'his' name. In which case if there was a Nathranda runnign around she would have to be spelled Kaylee... there is no way I would win that argument.

Caitlyn mum wanted to call me this, and I have always thought it was pretty. I do not however like Caitlyn Fullerton it rhymes. (Another naming rule)

Kathryn (spelling not optional) after a very close friend of mine, would probably shorten to Katie, which I also think is nice. Would not however settle for just Katie.

Alison For my aunt, however if it became a first I would shorten it as a nickname to Ally. Alison Fullerton rhymes also... that is bad.

Julia/Juliet after Ryan's mother, as a middle only. I think it is a gorgeous name.

Winona would be shortened to Noni, for my grandmother who I call Noni (assuming, god forbid she had died by then)

Bridie (spelling optional Brydie is nice too..) just a pretty Celtic name I like.

That's a lot of girls... I don't even know if Ryan likes half of those. Although Reina and Natalie my two main contenders are also his favourites.

Onto boys...there are two names as a must, James and Hamish, both are family names. Hamish would become a middle only though. I do not like the name enough to make it a first, however it is special and I do want it to stay in the family. David (Ryan's father) is also necessary due to their naming traditions.

There are few boy names I actually really like. I guess they just don't seem to have the same 'ring' as girls names do for me.

Charlie. Don't question this. I just like Charlie Fullerton. Particularly Charlie James Fullerton.

Nathan/iel as I said if I don't get my Natalie, Nathan or Nathaniel (what Nath wants his name to be) would become a middle. Charlie Nathaniel sounds ace. However I am aware that if I ever intend to use Nathan or Nathaniel as a middle name I must first also approve the first name with the namesake. (As I would have to with Natalie and the middle name. Fortunatley he likes Natalie Abigail)

So yeah, they're the boy's names I like.

I am iffy about Lachlan.... every child named Lachlan I have ever met has been... well feral. (Including my father apparently) However I would feel bad about naming Abigial and Julia and David and not using Lachlan. Perhaps spelling Lachlyn/Locklyn or something as a girl's middle... though with Reina Juliet and Natalie Abigail, I need to have another girl... Brydie Locklyn, Winona Locklyn... meah... I'll think about that one.

Naming rules... well that's just too long to post now, I need to sleep. Will do that later on.

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Anonymous said...

Double E FTW!!! :P

Lol... bridie is a cute name...

But as for Lachlyn etc for a middle name *slaps miranda on the nose with a newspaper*

"That's a bad newbie!"

you and your odd "make it female" corruptions of spelling

(and before you say so... A. Kaylee is already female, and B. There is precedent on the spelling)

That (the changing of Lachlan)is almost as bad as using "Jayme" instead of Jaime...

Actually I thought of something that "almost" turned me off Kaylee today... imagine it shortened... Kaye... *shudders*

anyways have fun