Monday, September 04, 2006

I am an emotional person...

There's no two ways about it. In a single secomd I can experience elation with complete enthusiasm and intensity, enjoying the moment and riding on the high. In the same second I will be crashing down, hitting the bottom hard and continuing to fall.

I am the same with my friends. I love you dearly, but the passion and love I feel so strongly for you can quickly turn to irritation, and for a few brief seconds I might actually be angry, even at the one I love most. In the next few seconds however, the storm subsides and I'm back to loving you as much as ever.

I am a never-ending roller-coaster, and anyone who knows me will know this. Anyone who puts up with it is even more amazing than even the best song writers could describe.

Which is why my respect, unlike my love as I am a loving person, is reserved for a certain few. Those few who know me and love me just as I am, those who respect me, and those who I love so fiercely that it can even seem scary.

To those few, I am a mother bear with her cubs, I would do anything to make them happy, and anything to keep them safe.

You guys mean the world to me, and you know who you are.... I love you.

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