Sunday, October 29, 2006

Totally Awesome Weekend

Actually it started Thursday night, when I went to baby sit Lisa's baby Breanna, who is exactly two months old today! We had a lot of fun, even tho she didn't seem to think sleep was a good idea, so in the end the pram parked next to the classical music on the DVD player worked rather than laying down in the cot. I moved her out into the cot abotu 20 minutes later, and she didn't even stir. Stayed asleep for 4 hours too! Lisa was very happy :)

On Friday after a truly spastic day at work, (everyone is going "OMG NEED THIS BEFORE CHRISTMAS!!" so it's really busy) I went to Cheries and had a great catch up. Saw everyone from school that I still talk to, and caught up on heaps of things, Sarah and Rob are getting MARRIED (holy fuck!) Leanne's parents divorced :( and Kaz's mum has MS. I've missed so much lately. Really should stay in touch with them more.

Then we went to Gwak's party (he's a LANner) and we saw LAN people in non-LAN settings, and they're still such geeks... it's so sweet :) Had a good time there too, even though I was tired from only sleeping 6 hours at Cherie's.

Today is a day of chilling :) I have done my laundry... or am trying to, the dryer does not appear to be heating properly. Need to find a clothes horse and hand my clothes in the sun, the weather today is awesome.

Other than that, I have slept like 11 hours, played some games and otherwise done sweet FA. I'm sure there's something more productive I could be doing, but bah!

OMG seriously... check this sexy little game out. Tony just sent it to me, and holy crap, I need him!

Anyways... I'm starving... off in search of food.

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