Friday, October 13, 2006

About time I updated...

Just really haven't got around to posting lately, various LANs and not unpacking the computer, combined with an insane need to sleep more, and rearranging the room have been the main culprits.

I have been downstairs at work a lot lately... Lyndal is having a hard time realising I can do anything, on the flip side, the bookkeeper who I usually hate has been really nice recently... this is odd.

However, I enjoy my downstairs time heaps, the boys (Tweedledum, Tweedledee & Winnel - nicknames and surname, not going to use their real names) down there are hysterical, and provide me with a lot of amusing stories.

Me: I think Tarra went to your school Tweedledee, Tarra with the double-R, do you remember her?

Tweedledum: I didn't think they came that big!

*five minutes later after everyone stops pissing themselves laughing....*

Winnel: I dunno... I've seen some pretty big, and horrifying ones.

Me: *laughs* Ok then, Tarra with the double-R and double-Es.

Tweedledee: Not sure I remember her, but wish I did!

Much laughter and boob jokes ensued.

Also Tweedledum learned why it is not a good idea to set a bug on fire before you step on it, regardless of whether or not it is still alight when you do so. The bug and the cement floor it is on will be hot, and charred bug remains will melt into the rubber sole of your shoe. No amount of scraping will remove it.

In other news, I saw this weird little man today. I think I knew him... not sure why though. It's driving me crazy too... have established he does not work at the bottleshop or servo... I think he might be a connex dude and work at the station.

And speaking of people I think I recognise, there's this girl hanging around at Eastland that looks a lot like like Meg (who lives in what I imagine is currently a very humid Townsville) and every time I see her I go "WTF? I didn't know she was coming down here!"

Oh, and another quote from work before I forget to share "Goody, I always wanted to know what PVC tastes like when entering the digestive tract from the wrong end, take notes won't you Tweedledum?" Suffice to say Tweedledum had said somethign to offend Tweedledee and the offended party was threatening to insert a roll of PVC into Tweedledum's nether regions.

Anyhow... I am waiting for Nath to arrive, being as I have something for him, and I need me a Nath hug, I have not had one in some time.

Oh, and in other stupid news I have lost my ATM card, so I haev no access to my $ until they send a new one out, because I work during bank hours, and can't get to one do to a manual withdrawl... stupid bank being the smae as office hours...

Along with the card I lost a bus ticket, that still had 4 trips left on it. I really am 12 kinds of moron.

Also I want pizza... it is on its way, YUMMY! Bubba's Special with Anchovies... :) Yes please!

Oh, and I'm going to see Rocky Horror tonight on the big screen for the first time... EVER :D Fungus however is wimping out, but I'm sure I'll manage despite his absence.

So, without further delay, I must bid you adieu, as I think I can hear Nathan's car.

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