Sunday, October 22, 2006

Never thought you'd see ME at a bodyshop party huh?

Well, I went! AND I bought a couple of things, and what's more I had fun! Lis threw a Bodyshop party yesterday and I went along, bonus, she has a 7 week old baby girl, and I got to spend a lot of time cuddling her, which means that my urge to have a baby has been settled, at least for the time being.

After that mum and I went to see Fiona Boyes at the Mt Dandy pub, Fiona as always was awesome, I absolutely love her work, but the food was less than awesome... spent $25 on a steak, which was about the only 'normal' thing on the menu... seriously... braised beef cheeks in smoked ham hock stock, with "redslaw" and some other weird veggies? The steak was decidedly average... I mean, at least it was Medium-Rare but otherwise... bah. Not eating there again in a hurry. Seamus's here I come!

My neck today is absolutely hurting like hell. I must have slept funny or something stupid, because I have to be really careful to not move too fast or it seizes up and makes my entire head hurt. Feels like my head is too heavy for my neck actually. Back to the osetopath I go.

Right now there is some kind of fight going on between Fungus and Myspace... I have a space, but I hardly ever use it. I have a coupla friends that I try to keep up with there, but otherwise having already found some people's spaces and giggling about how emo they truly are, I have no more use for it.

I actually opened this blog with a purpose of sharing some news, but like most MSN convos I initiate, I have forgotten the main reason for dong so.

Anyways, if I remember why I really wanted to blog I'll do a new post.

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