Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Feel tired, somewhat overheated and my head hurts. There's nothing hugely wrong, I'm just irritable for some reason, and to be honest, nothing shits me more than being shitty for no reason. Guess I have a reason now... being shitty about being shitty? Does that count?

My stomach is also stupidly crampy... musta eaten something icky. Guess the lollipop I'm having now won't help. In my defence my blood sugar was dropping and considerably adding to my blah mood.

Today at work was soooo quiet. I was bored outta my brain. Came up with a bunch of stories I will never write, and cleaned the factory. Oh, and read a novel... good book actually. Ugly by Constance Boriens or something.

I'm sure there was a reason I wanted to update here... if only I could remember/work out why. Something funny Tweedledee said at work yesterday I guess.

I have also resolved to learn to play the guitar. This will probably infuriate Fungus and myself, but I really want to learn. I also want to learn drums. Pity I have a lousy sense of rythym.

Really nothing exciting to report... I shall seek other forms of entertainment.

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