Sunday, January 21, 2007

Random Update

Nothing new really. I have been back at work for two weeks now. Lyn has been away for nearly all of it. She's busy sunbaking at Saftey Beach from what I understand. She came in briefly, to "work" for a couple of hours. Translation: Shuffle everything around so when she left I couldn't find anything, and throw out stuff she deemed "useless" but turns out I actually needed. However, she didn't actually achieve anything other than rearranging the desk.

It wears me out being upstairs at work the whole day, sure. But I'm not the only one who hopes she decides holidays are more fun and that she doesn't want to come back to work. Honestly, I don't think there's anything that she manages to do efficiently, and she upsets Dean and Barry heaps too, upsetting Dean isn't hard, he rants like a moron from the moment he opens his mouth in the morning to the moment he closes it in the evening, but actually seriously upsetting Barry is no easy task! That man is an ex-cop, so he is extremely cool-headed and hard-working, but the fact that Lyn upsets him and manages to make him bellow shows just how irritating she is.

I have my first driving lesson on Monday (finally I hear you say) and I am quite nervous about it... it's at 5.45 in Croydon, so traffic will be somewhat spastic. Stay off the roads people I am finally on my way!

Anyhow, we're going out or something soon so I better go brush my hair and stick some shoes on.

Have fun!

(Oh yeah.. picture host seems to have repaired itself... yay!)

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