Thursday, January 04, 2007

Back... at long last.

Here I am at last folks, alive and well, and with a new network card. (Very grateful it was only that and not my whole mobo.)

In more serious news first off:

Ryan "Tweedledum" Galdeas. A bloke from work. Got the call on Tuesday afternoon, he was in a car crash Friday and passed away shortly before Trev called me to let me know. Work will be a quieter and sadder place without "Little Ryan" to hang shit on, throw things at and generally have a good giggle over his antics. May he find himself in a place with fast cars, HAWT chicks and enough Jim Beam to satsify his needs.

Generally though life is the same. We are still living at Lisa's which is not really a barrel of laughs, but hey, it's a roof over our heads right? Brea (the baby) is too cute for words, and there's a new kitten here, Snooker who is pretty damn cute herself.

I've been on holiday from work since the 22nd, and loving it. Have been drinking and sleeping to my heart's content.

Christmas and NY has also come and gone, and both were pretty cool, got to see heaps of people, and on a materialistic note did extremely well in the present side of things. Fave pressy THE ENTIRE SERIES OF M*A*S*H, including the movie and special features DVDs! Thanks to my wonderful boy Ryan. (Who also gave me a Rocky Horror calendar which I picked and paid for myself lol)

Other than that, life goes on in it's usual non descript fashion. I have work in 4 days... which I'm not looking forward to in some ways, and am heaps in others. (Getting out fo the house can only be good for me)

Not much new than that, guess I'll update if I remember anything else awesome to tell you.

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