Thursday, April 05, 2007

Long Time No See...

Well I've moved about a billion times, and sucky living circumstances are forcing Ryan and I to live separately at the moment. Him at his dads and me at Nicker's place. Why oh why won't some goddamn rental accept us? This is crap, seriously. Not to mention Nicker's mum just sold her place and I have to be out of here by the 31st of May... oh did I mention there's not enough room at Ryan's dads for me?

Right-o, vent (only a small one) over. Believe me you've missed some good vents while I've been offline. Mostly Nath-centric might I add. Long story, won't go into it cbf about it/him anymore. Just wish the whole damn thing could've been sorted out a little bit better so I could feel a tad less confused about the whole SNAFU... mind you a massive rant post might not have helped.

Anyways, my 21st is coming along just nicely :) However I haven't had any RSVPs yet... HINT PEOPLE!!! Mum and I have planned most of it so far, and she is being a gem by paying for it all.

Anyway, I think I am going to go and have a shower now... my back is killing me. I will try and get on a little more often from now on again!

MWAH xoxox

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JingerMeggs said...

Glad you're back online. Sorry to hear about the current living arrangements, I hope everything works out positively for you and Ryan soon.

Be happy chicky. Luv Jinger.