Monday, November 20, 2006

Could it be...

That venting cheered me up? I do actually feel better now (however the whole growing balls statement still stands)

Little to report again, I cooked tea tonight, which was yummy, although by the time it was on the plates I couldn't even remember what I'd put on the chicken when I was asked! Talk about goldfish memory.

However, it was extremely hot today, so hot in fact that the waistband of my jeans got damp... (my stomach sweats heaps...?) not a pleasant feeling in the slightest.

Not to mention my crappier than normal eyesight, my depth perception is funky atm too. Getting my eyes checked on Saturday, hopefully it's just the heat and being tired that's doing it, I don't really want to pay for new glasses, or wait till Janurary for my health insurance to renew so I can get more money back. Specially seeing as if I have to wear them all the time, (this depth perception thing may make me need to) I will want ot get new frames, like I picked nice-ish (but cheap) ones when I got them only for reading, but I don't think I could wear them all the time, specially seeing as my face has changed heaps in the past year and they don't suit my face so much anymore.

*yawn* It's only 8.30 and I'm already tired, but I slept pretty crappy last night, stupid heat. Ryan had a good winge about me too this morning, apparently I was actively practising bed aerobics last night, and not the good kind ;) :P Basically, I was rolling from one side of the bed to the other and kicking heaps... poor thing didn't get much sleep between clinging to the edge of the bed, fighting for the doona, and dodging kicks!

Blah... so need to come up with something exciting to write about for a change... c'mon people, questions! If I get enough questions, I might even do an FAQ all about me :)

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Anonymous said...

Are you a Pepsi fan or a coke fan??