Friday, August 11, 2006

Things Miranda didn't know...

That 3 phone lines can ring 11 times in 4 minutes. Usually simultaneously and that I could handle them all while not swearing, and trying to fix a very broken fax. (stupid paper jam... and Mark! TURN YOUR FAX ON! TAKES 5 MINUTES TO REJECT A NON CONNECTTION WHEN YOUR FAX IS OFF! 5 MINUTES I CAN'T SEND ANOTHER FAX!!!)

That I would actually give a serious enough of a damn personally and emotionally about what Nath and I were talking about the other day (and in my previous post) to decline to offer advice on the grounds of being too biased, and being confused about my head and my hearts' simultaneous messages. Yeah... jealous Miranda still lives.

It's too hard to go into without letting everyone know what's going on, and privacy still sucks lol. See cutie, I respect you? Gah... I can't explain it! But I have worked out my brains thinking on it and why I am jealous about this whole situation.

What else didn't I know? I've forgotten...

Anyways random random random... goodnight.

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