Friday, August 11, 2006

Love Is Just A State Of Mind

“Well you've got me standin' deaf and blind...cause I see love as just a
state of mind...and who knows what it is that we might find...if we try.”
– Don McLean

“Dreams unwind
Love's a state of mind
Your dreams unwind
Love's a state of mind”
- Fleetwood Mac

See… now I don’t want love to be just a state of mind. Because if it is, I guess it means I’m imagining how happy I am when Ryan cuddles me. It would also mean I’m imagining the joy when the first thing I see every morning is his face. Not to mention how good it feels when he holds my face or my neck when he kisses me. I couldn’t deal with this not being real. It’s all too nice and comfortable. And if it isn’t real… what is?

And Don McLean and Fleetwood Mac aren’t the only musicians to claim love is a state of mind. The Bryan Adams and some guy called Roy Clark sang the same thing…

Answer me this… if love truly is a state of mind, why can you not just switch it off, the same way you can just go “no, I’m being too angry about this, calm down some?” Why does a state of mind affect you so much you can laugh or cry, basically do a complete emotional 180 at the mention of it? There is nothing else that does that so powerfully.

State of mind… bah… then why can I be so confused about something and not be able to put it out of my mind if its truly a state….?

Sorry to disappoint you Don, it’s a beautiful saying but I just can’t agree.

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