Sunday, August 06, 2006

RIP Harrison and Lars

Two of my mice died today. Which is really sad. And I'm kind of confused why, they were fine yesterday but today they were covered in mites. I can treat mice mites with a specific spray, assuming I had found any to spray.

When I woke up, I noticed Lars looked funny, and when I picked him up I realised he was dead, so I shuffled everything around to find poor old Harrison who was really sick. He was shaking and having a hard time breathing so I shook off all the mites (and there were literally thousands of them!) and made him as comfortable as I could. He seemed to be getting better for a little while, because he had a drink and seemed more alert, but then he was getting sleepier and having trouble standing.

Ryan and I had to go out then, so I picked Harrison up and held him and patted the white patch on his head the way he liked and said goodbye to him, then I put him down, he had a big stretch and just curled up.

I'm really glad he was so peaceful right then, because he'd been so uncomfortable before. But I've never actually been there when one of my mice has died before (well... awake and watching) and I was surprised with how calm I was. I haven't even cried, and I had a good hour of sobbing when Maynard died.

I mean I am sad, but being there to say goodbye to him and knowing he'd been comfortable as possible and having his head rubbed the way he liked it just ebfore he died makes it less sad.

Rest in peace Lars and Harrison... I will miss you both.

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