Saturday, January 26, 2008

Long Weekend!

Hooray for a 3-day weekend! It's Australia Day today, but seeing as the actual day is a Saturday, the public holiday is on Monday. 3 days of blissfull nothingness for me! :) Well except for laundry and dishes lol!

We are going to visit my grandmother and aunt etc tomorrow to scope out all of Ab's old baby stuff. We are definitely taking the cot and the bassinette, but I haven't seen anything else of what she has left over from Phee, Boo and Gus. However I'm sure it will all come in useful!

I especially can't wait to see how much my cousins have grown, I saw the boys in November, but Phee was on a school camp then. I mean it's only been a couple of months, but those kids are like weeds, especially the two boys!

Oh, I also have a massive new teddy bear! His name is Arthur, he's bright pink and like 10ft tall! Well, not 10ft, but he is actually taller than me and I fall over backward trying to pick him up. Fungus and Jay bought him home from the hard rubbish actually, but he was all wrapped in plastic and is brand new. Right now he is sitting in the corner of our bedroom and I use him as a chair, he is that big I can actually sit ON him and be properly supported. I love my teddy!

Well, off to see my family and watch the boys put a new exhaust on Fungus's skyline... thrilling!

Enjoy your weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Hey bella,

glad to hear things are going well. How's the new place?

liz x