Sunday, January 13, 2008

Late-night TUI (not really)

Well being as I'm up the duff it's not a good idea to be legitimately TUI (typing under the influence) but I am pretty tired so randomness similar to drinking will ensue.

At the moment I am busy watching Drawn Together (quote possibly THE most politically incorrect show that I have EVER EVER seen) randomly net surfing and have just finished cooking some awesome mince to go underneath some even cooler nachos (if Fungus and Jay ever get around to constructing them... lazy assholes!)

Well, I survived my first week back at work after 2 weeks off, which other really didn't rock... mostly due to the heat. The factory heats up like an oven. But I did miss the boys there, they do make me laugh pretty damned hard!

I swear this baby is making the warm weather feel even hotter, if it weren't for water restrictions I would spend forever under the shower trying to stay cool! It has been pretty hot over the last few nights... but who needs a weather report?

Oh, the digital camera ate its own head or something, totally not working. Hopefully we can get it repaired. (The camera shop was on holidays but I think they open again on Monday) It's a bloody good camera, so if it's rooted replacing it will mean a) lots of money or b) a less awesome camera. This upsets me immensely, I enjoy playing with the camera and I have a new house that I want to Flickr all over the place... not to mention the baby bump! (Yes, Miranda finally looks less like a goal post... and more like a goal post that swallowed a bowling ball!)

I finally got my Christmas pressy from Ryan last week too (shipping took a while) he got me a Nintendo DS... but no games. Now I need to buy some games otherwise all I have is an expensive electronic calendar. (I got him a shirt, a lighter and the box set of the Pirates of the Carribean movies!) However it is hard to decide what games I want... I mean Nintendogz looks soooo cute, but would I really play it? Those brain training ones look fun though, as does the DS version of Zelda... I loved it on the SNES (yes I am THAT much of a geek!)

Hmmm, it's almost 12.30. I should probably sleep being as I am tired, but there are still NO nachos, even though I made the mince for them 1/2 an hour ago and I do want some nachos. Bah... I'll wake up like 4 or 5 times anyways, who am I kidding, at least if I'm totally exhausted it should probably be only once or twice.

I just realised I used 'should probably' twice in the last paragraph. Either I am pretty tired, or maybe I just talk the same a lot. If I had the energy I would go through this blog and see if there are any other repeated phrases.

Right... analysing my writing style to the point of finding recurring patterns in my sentence structure it's totally time I went to bed, or at least stopped writing!

Night all!

Love Miranda xoxo

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