Sunday, January 06, 2008

For everyone who doesn't know yet...

Well I'm finally back online... and this time for real. Assuming the modem and router don't spontaneously combust or some weird shit like that....

So the news is pretty much out, but I figure there's still a few of you who haven't caught on yet.... and I'm trying VERY hard to think of an awesome way to do it, but I lack a scanner, which is what I really wanted so I'm just gonna give this a go and hope it works...

new baby

This is the baby talking not me, I'm considerably taller than 10 inches... and yes it kicks plenty! My due date is May 19... so here's an early warning that I will randomly dissapear offline for some time around then.

Well... now that the 'big' news is out of the way let's move onto the rest of everything that's happened while I've been away. We got our own place, as in our names are on the lease and no one else, it's actually just ours! Which is absolutely awesome when we get home and are tired and cranky, we don't have to stress out about upsetting housemates... oh and the best part is no one minds (expect me) if I forget the dishes.

I will try and keep everyone a little more updated on my life now that we have net again, and try not to get too baby-centric in my posts, although that is hard... 99% of my thoughts at the moment are somehow related to this awesome little being.

Catch up soon!

Love, Miranda xoxo


Anonymous said...

Holla blaze Miranda!
All the best.
From Jimmy

Chikory said...

Aww. Congratulations. I'm so happy for you. You're going to make a great mum. You can tell by your excitement. A lot of people make the mistake of being upset about it. But the foetus knows and picks up on the feelings from the mum from the moment it's conceived. So your attitude is an excellent way to start off the little tyke's life. It's going to be so loved, I can tell.

Congrats again. And don't worry if you get too baby-centric. We'll put up. It's just nice to have you posting again. :o)