Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Still Sick

I've had two more days off.. urg! Contrary to popular belief, and while I enoy the rest, I actually hate sitting around on my ass all day when I know I could be doing something. However yesterday I was thoroughly miserable, and very crook, so working really was out of the question. The Dr told me to have today off too. He pulled some blood as well, but I forgot to ring them to find out if there's anything wrong before they closed because I was busy learning the guitar and helping dad with his resume.

As for guitar practise, I know 6 chords, A, Am, C, E, F and Gadd (whatever that is...) and I can sort of play Missy Higgins "Don't Ever" It's getting there, I just need to work on changing chords more smoothly, and working out a strumming pattern would help too. but my fingers are already hella sore from just that. I need to take a break for a bit. I'll build up callouses eventually, just not all in one night given the current pain.

I'm back at work tomorrow, and will probably have buttloads of piled up work. (That is why I don't like missing too much work) On the brighter side, Ryan is coming to stay tonight, and is driving me in in the morning, so I won't have to get up at 6 to catch the bus... so can't wait for this other guy to move out of our room! The new place is in Ringwood, and much closer to where I work... it's going to be awesome!

I missed a driving lesson yesterday which sucks big. I have like 5 weeks left till my test and I REALLY need to be able to practise as much as I want. Mum isn't very good about letting me drive either, so I don't get a lot of practise there. This frustrates me no end.

Also I have learned 2 things about my mouse, Dimebag since moving back in with mum. (They were looking after him since we moved out of Ryan's mum's I couldn't have him at either of the other two places I was at) First off, he doesn't like chicken... at all! Number 2 is that he LOVES spaghetti. He will go mental for a peice of the stuff (cooked that is) and then sits there munching on it as fast as he can. He threw (well dropped with definite propelling force) away the chicken he was offered in favour of spaghetti, and then begged me for more spaghetti, by sitting up and peering through the bars at me. Cute... :)

I have also become addicted to YouTube Music Videos made with Sims2 sad, I know, but this chick is really awesome,a dn I am sure there are more out there if I keep looking.

Lyn from work just rang, checking if I'm going to be in tomorrow. I said yes, I really have to be. I am better today, and there will be so much to do. I just hope that i don't suddenly get told I am hella contagious or something :P

Well, i can hear the Simpsons callign to me agian, I'll talk to ya later!

Miranda xx

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