Monday, May 21, 2007


Well I'm stuck at home with a horrid virus (I had to get off the train this morning coz I was going to puke) So I may as well update everyone on my life.

I'm staying at mum's for the next couple of weeks, till Ryan and I can get our own place... scrap that... WE HAVE OUR OWN PLACE! It's a share house, with a 30yo bloke and another 18yo girl, but our room won't be avialable for a couple of weeks, but we are guranteed the spot.

Jim (the guy who has the place) is awesome, and there is a pet turtle too. Her name is Cleo. There's also a slightly crazy neighbour. THe best part about it, is I get to cook... all the time! (I happen to love cooking for other people)

Even better, as Jim is single, and doesn't need so much space, we get the master bedroom, which has a massive walk-in robe, and it's own doorway to the bathroom. Not quite an ensuite, but close enough for now!

I'm still working at the same place... and still more or less enjoying every day. I didn't want to miss work today, even though I felt crap, but jumping off the train to go chuck in the station toilets kind of meant I had to.

Also, I am > < that close to getting my license, I passed the computer based hazard perception test (barely I think) and am doing the driving test on the 22nd of June. Keep your fingers crossed for me! I was VERY nervous fo the HPT test, and was convinced I would fail. God only knows how I'll be for the actual driving component. I tend to go to peices and make silly mistakes during practical tests.

Other than that life is good, Ryan and I had our two year anniversary 10 days ago, which was lovely. We went to Kublai (the head chef there was on the Biggest Loser!) and then headed back to his dad's where he is staying for a couple of quiet drinks.

My 21st party was also awesome! Not too big like I wanted, but still big enough for me to be exhausted, and barely get to spend more than 5 minutes with anyone the whole night. I also got some beautiful pressies, including a VERY beautiful necklace from Ryan's mum which I absolutley adore. It's rose gold (sterling silver core) with tiny seed pearls and a couple of turquoise too. Mum has tried to steal it several times.

The other bonus for me, was Ryan's lil cousin M,(she is a tad younger than my eldest cuz Phee) painting me my own plate with my name on it. Not only was I totally not expecting her to do that, I don't recall EVER having my very own named plate! I haven't actually eaten off it yet, but I will soon.

As for the music guessing game... come on people... give it a go, I've had one person answer... see if you can beat 8! I know some of the songs are a bit obscure, but think about it, it's me... there are a few artists I am obsessed with, so there should be some free (or at least easy) points in it for you.

Anyways, best be off... Simpsons are calling.

Miranda xoxox

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