Sunday, November 19, 2006


I haven't updated in ages have I? Man I can be lazy, but there's been a bunch of random stuff going down, and I really didn't want to just post a big rant/vent thing, and be all angsty and crap. I am not after all an emo.

Two things mostly have been bugging me, work & someone in RL. (If you know what's going on, good for you, and make sure you tell me who told you so I can forcibly silence them... am not big on this being spread around anymore than it already has)

Work has just been blah lately, Lyn is having issues realising that I can do anything, so much so that I have done practically nothing upstairs for weeks. And yet, I do everything so much more efficiently than she does, and put stuff where it belongs. Jealousy, or maybe worried that Trev will realise that I am more capable than his own wife?

Not to mention that we don't produce downstairs fast enough to require two full-time blind cleaners, and you can only clean the kitchen, sweep the factory and otherwise pretend to look busy for so much of the day, so I also spend heaps of time doing sweet FA, when there's a pile of stuff I could be upstairs doing, but Lyn is "working" (making personal calls, reading the newspaper and eating) and doesn't want me up there "disturbing her." OH... and THEN she gets upset because nothing is done, and I spend a lot of time doing nothing. GAH!

Hold that thought, going to get souvlakis....

Back now, that was nice, sat by the river and chilled, quite spot, good cheap food and sitting in the back of the pannie, our ideal date :)

Have just realised I am still venting heaps about all the crap that is going on, despite not wanting to write an angsty horrible post. Ah well... guess it's better out than in right?

And the other thing I'm pissed about is someone basically went and betrayed my trust, and told someone who told someone etc etc etc... to rather devastating effects, nearly ruined my relationship with Fungus, and has finally earned us our 2 week notice, next weekend we are out of here... SHIT GUYS.

However we are working on a place to live, and we do have a sort of option, at least for the time being, and the relationship issue is now gone, however I am still inredibly hurt and angry at this person, who I honestly thought I could trust for opening their mouth, and there's a wonderful bitchy part of me that hopes that this blantant lack of respect for my privacy and friendship has an equally devastating, if not more so, effect than it did on Fungus and myself.

And while it may take a while, I would be prepared to forgive this, ok sure maybe they slipped up when they opened their mouth, but what irks me even more than the fact they said anything at all, that they didn't even have the guts to tell me "whoops", instead let me find out through someone else (the person they told, told their workmate, who lives with Ryan's sister), which is what caused so many of the problems.

And now that they know the shit hit the fan, and that I am rightly EXTREMELY angry at them, they have now all but dropped off the face of the planet, hardly answering SMSs, and NEVER on MSN... seriously, grow up and get some f'n balls, you fucked up big and it's going to have to be dealt with one way or the other.

Otherwise the routine is the same, work, eat, sleep, with not nearly enough of the last item on the agenda. Mind you, I can never sleep enough, something always gets in the way, particularly recently as bedtime is the only time we have to discuss anything, so many D&Ms have kept me up waaaay too late, and thus result in a sleep deprived me, yet another reason I am pissed off because someone has a big mouth.

I bought my first pair of jeans in years last week too... and other than chilling around the house, I am now never out of them, they look HOT. :) They even tone down the size of my ass, (which if you know me is something I am always just a lil concerned about... so yeah, I can be vain)

This is turning into a huge entry... wow. Think I might leave you with my most recent "words of wisdom"

"A camel is a poor substitute for an elephant"

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boredandholdingacamera said...

My brain hurts from all that reading :( Thankyou for posting again though, started to think you were too cool for a blog ;)

Hope everything works out for you and fung and hope we get to catch up before I move away from Melbourne..if not I've had the pleasure of meeting you and can take that away with me :)

Good luck with the move and everything else :D