Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Random Update

So I'm bored and chilling... I've tidied up SO MUCH over the last couple of days I think I've earned a break. Still thinking vacuuming would be a good idea, but CBF anymore.

FINALLY the weather is cooling down. I have been dying over the last few days. Seriously, all I've managed to do around here is thanks to wearing a wet t-shirt. (Which now has chocolate pudding stains on it... yummy... well the pudding was, not the stains)

Had a good night on Friday though, went out and saw Fiona Boyes performing at Bell's Tavern. She rocked as always. The double bass player (from the US) apparently had discovered Bundaberg Rum during his time over here, and from the sounds had enjoyed a few before the show too! Can't fault his taste though. Bundaberg truly does rock!

I've been so busy mostly with just preparing for baby stuff, I haven't had much of a non baby-centric life really. I am planning to get my hair cut again in non-baby news, but nothing dramatic, just a trim.

I've been meaning to write a post about Melbourne weather, public transport, its commuters and their umbrellas for the last while now, but I never seem to get around to it, specially with the hot weather, making umbrellas quite unnecessary. Not to mention preggo brain! (It is a real syndrome people... I am even more vague than I used to be!)

Had a bit of an odd dream last night. I can only blame it on hormones. However, it made me send a message to someone who I have not talked to in quite some time, hopefully they will reply.

Oh, my aunt is coming down tomorrow! (That's the main reason I've been busy cleaning like mad... it would be nice if the place didn't look like a rubbish tip!) She's coming to bring the baby's bed, but it will be the first time she's seen this new place, so it would be good if the place is relatively clean and tidy.

YAY! The wind is picking up, looks like rain. Somehow it feels cozier indoors when it's raining outside. Plus the cooler weather means I can walk again, and there are so many benefits to that... good for me, good for bub, and other than that it just plain gets me out of the house, and anything that means I don't spend forever on Neopets or something has to be good!

Anyhoos Neighbours is on, and Ryan won't be far away with the rest of the things I need for food. Ciao!

Miranda xoxox

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