Thursday, February 07, 2008

Random Update

Well... I've been so good about updating my baby blog, and totally ignoring this one! Well not totally, but certainly my baby blog has had more posts recently.

So, I have pfficially handed in my resignation at work! I only have till March 20th now! (6 weeks basically) and I am counting the days till I have some time to myself. Mostly to potter around and prepare for bubs, but I think I will spend the first week totally vegging out and sleeping.

Oh, speaking of vegging, that reminds me of my soup... better yank the pot out of the freezer and defrost it so I can freeze it in more manageable portions... brb

So yeah, I made a giant pot of soup on the weekend, intending to freeze it in plastic containers for winter so that I don't have to cook after looking after a screaming baby all day, and so I stop spending money on take away. However I didn't have the plastic containers! (I have bought like 20 since we moved in and I have already lost/broken/thrown out all of them. )

Thus, needing to put the soup somewhere it wouldn't go off, I had to freeze it, but lacking containers, I put the whole pot in the freezer. Yeah, freezing 5litres of soup in a solid block is smart! Now, I have a rock solid lump on the stove slowly defrosting.

Oh, also we currently have no washing machine! There was one that the last tenants left which worked when we moved in, so we didn't bother buying one right away, but now it's kicked the bucket. At least I'll get a nice shiny washer/dryer unit to replace it at some point though! Washing clothes in the laundry trough sucks ass though. It's not that we can't afford it, we just really haven't had much time or have been too tired lately to go looking for a new one. But with the rain being what it is, and running rapidly out of things to wear I'm really pushing to get one this weekend.

Hmm... I'm sure I actually meant to post something here when I started this, as in something of relevance, but I have totally forgotten what it was! I've told you my work news, which is pretty big really, and I am quite exciting about it, but I can't help but think that there was something else I wanted to share. Gah... forgive me guys, I am pregnant!

Just checked the soup again, the pot is still cold! This is going to take quite some time. I think I will have a shower and leave it for a while. Who knows, I might remember what it was I wanted to share, and two posts in one day would be nothing short of a record for me!

Miranda xox

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